Chris Isaaks

Ideal characteristics:

My ideal date would be the man pictured, but he's probably busy, so my mystery man must be:

  • Age appropriate 
  • Single
  • Healthy/fit
  • Confident 
  • Gregarious
  • Knows how to present himself in social situations 
  • Believes that chivalry is not dead 
  • Generous to the cause of giving back 

Dating Game Rules

Please fill out the submission form out completely. Write a brief description why you think this man/you would be perfect for the part:

  • What are his/your best personality traits? 
  • Does he/you treat females with utmost courtesy and respect? 
  • Examples of his/your chivalrous deeds and moments.
  • How much does he/you love his mother?
  • Does he/you own a nice suit?

Once submissions are reviewed, you will be asked for a handsome picture of my potential date. Every date submitted must be aware of the Dating Game and agree to participating and having his name, description and image posted on this web site.  Please! No lewd shots or phony submissions.    

After I have reviewed each serious submission and received his photo, I will choose those whom I wish to speak to on the phone. Once I have narrowed it down to a few potential dates, we will schedule a phone interview and plan on a face to face meeting to determine our compatibility and overall good vibes.  Then it's time for the audience to vote of their favorite gentleman! 

Who do you think is a good match?


  • Please, no phony submissions or lewd pictures or posts. 
  • You will be reported to the Police immediately.